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For a world more Watsu®



The evolution displayed by Watsu around the world is amazing, this growth recognized by both Harold Dull (Watsu creator) and WABA (Worldwide Aquatic Bodywork Association).
Latin America has not remained excluded from this process. Several countries wish to constitute their own National Associations and act in accordance with international standards through their training and capacity-building centers.
In Brazil there are instructors who, updated, registered, recognized by WABA and associated with the Latin Institute of Watsu, have been developing Watsu therapies since 2000. These instructors have gathered a broad baggage containing a diversity of experiences, now dedicating themselves to promoting and divulging Watsu, not only in their own countries but also in other Latin American countries.
With support from Harold and WABA, we have created the Latin American Watsu Institute, which by working in tandem with the strength and experience of Brazilian instructors, will develop training and refresher programs, further to offering assistance to all LA countries in developing Watsu.

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